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We are different, we offer you peace of mind.  With a custom design from Studio West Design you are free to take your plans to any builder for quotes or even owner-build without fear of copyright infringement.  We give you copyright to use the design as you wish, with any builder or even to owner-build, for the life of your building project. We also offer a unique design guarantee - we will deliver a design which meets or exceeds your expectations, or your money back no questions asked.  Call us to find out more!

Many people are now choosing to have their home designed by us here at Studio West Design simply for the extra freedom and peace of mind it gives.  For example: are you not happy with the first builder's quote?  No problem - it's your design - just take your plans to another builder it's that easy!  Are you not happy with the second builders' quote?  Or are you now interested in owner-building?  No problem - you are free to use your plans as you wish without fear of copyright infringement. 

Your Studio West Design service includes:

  • Initial meeting for requirements gathering and analysis and development of your client brief.
  • Telephone advice as required - please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions!
  • Liasing with local council to establish existence of any relevant planning policies and building design guidelines.
  • Liasing with Water Corporation (if applicable) to determine required building setbacks from existing sewer line and the existence of any building restrictions due to the sewer line.
  • CAD drawing of preliminary floor plan and front elevation for your review.
  • Review meetings as required to discuss and finalise your Concept Plans.
  • Final CAD-drawn Concept Plans* including three extra elevations (four in total) ready for your builder's or owner-builder's quote.

*Concept Plans include computer CAD drawing of your floor plan and front, rear, and two side elevations. Quality "Artist's Impression" (shown below) may be included as an optional extra.  The computer CAD drawing can be converted to working drawings if required at a later stage, depending on your builder's requirements.

Artists Impresssion

Although some people are fortunate and have a natural flair for design, the design of your home addition or new home can be quite a daunting task for most people. Engaging a professional building designer is a wise choice when you consider the many benefits and peace of mind it will bring.

In addition to the obvious benefits, a good building designer will use sustainable and solar-passive design principles. This is important to help you reduce energy consumption in the home not only saving heating and cooling costs in the short term, but also helping to save our environment in the long term.

A good building designer will also understand the requirements of government building regulations. This is important to help your project meet the approval of your local shire council the first time when it's time to apply for building approval.

A good building designer really is worth their weight in gold!



Eco-Design for the Owner Builder Exciting workshops in Wooroloo WA.  Learn how to design an eco-home.  Learn how to draw design concept plans.  As seen in The Owner Builder magazine.  See Training Course page for details.

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