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Written by Studio West Admin   
Monday, 14 April 2008 17:49

Please correct me if I am wrong, but here is the copyright law as I understand it:


If you have paid a design fee to a building designer then you own the copyright to the design.   You can use the design freely as many times as you like.


If you have paid a drafting fee to a draftsperson for drawing of your architectural plans, then you own copyright to that set of drawings for that builidng site only.  You are not permitted to make copies of the plans for another building approval on another building site, you must obtain the draftsperson's permission to do so.

At Studio West Design I will assign copyright permission to you automatically on receipt of payment for your fees.  This means you have no copyright restrictions on your drawings, you will not be required to seek my permission to re-use the drawings on another building project.  You will need to have a new site plan drawn up of course for the new building site, and a new energy efficiency assessment, so I would be hopeful that you would ask me to that for you!



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