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Your Studio West Design drafting service already includes the cost of your energy efficiency deemed to satisfy report required for council approval, so if we have prepared your drawings for council there is no extra cost for your energy efficiency assessment. 

If your plans have been drawn by others, we can complete your energy efficiency report at the rate of $99 per hour with a $150 minimum charge for a residential building and $200 minimum charge for a Part J assessment on a commercial building.  The final cost is entirely dependant on the size of your project, ie. the number of windows and type of glazing used.  This is directly related to the amount of time required for data entry of the performance data into the various software applications used to calculate the assessment.

There are two types of energy efficiency assessments:

  • The basic BCA Deemed to Satisfy Glazing Calculator & Check Sheet which is in most cases sufficient for shire approval
  • A software star rating which requires a more detailed analysis in order to assign an actual star rating.
A software star rating will cost 2-3 times the price of a DTS compliance check sheet, because it will take 2-3 times as long to complete.

Why does the energy efficiency assessment cost so much?

The cost of energy efficiency assessments costs so much because in order to complete the assessment we need to have specialist knowledge of government regulations and we must cover the ongoing costs of the accreditation.  Current costs to achieve and maintain accreditation are around $600 per year plus an additional $2,000 in compulsory software purchase and training upgrades on average every two years.  It is also compulsory to keep up to date with the latest changes to the Building Code of Australia.

In some states of Australia it is compulsory to have a star rating done when selling a home in addition to building a home.


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