What is a "Deemed to Satisfy" report? Print
Written by Studio West Admin   
Wednesday, 11 October 2006 01:12

The BCA (Building Code of Australia) has provided a "Deemed to Satisfy" method for demonstrating that a building meets the minimum criteria for energy efficiency for the applicable climate zone.   A "Deemed to Satisfy" Report or DTS Report is essentially a checklist and the accompanying BCA glazing calculator which demonstrates your buildings ability to meet the minimum required star rating for your climate zone as specified by the BCA. 

The DTS Repoert is also a quicker and less expensive alternative to the star-rating software method. The DTS Report is used to demonstrate your building's compliance with each of the relevant parts in the BCA Energy Efficiency Provisions required to acheive the minimum required star rating, but it does not actually give your building a star rating.  That is where the software method takes over.  Some buildings may acheive six-star or better performance.

Good: The DTS Report costs about half the price or less compared to a star rating, and  is sufficient for council approval in most cases.
Bad: Using the DTS Report, you will never know if your building acheives better than the minimum required star rating.  Some homes acheive well above the minimum star rating.

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